Melancholy Press Post Digital Letterpress Workshop


Being hosted at the Anchorage Community Works 349 E Ship Creek Ave
Anchorage, AK On October 8th from 12:30-4:30 .. or thereabouts. 

Who is this workshop for?  Artists, hobbyists, graphic designers, crafters, poets…..Anyone who has an interest in making letterpress material, be it art prints, labels, hang tags, business cards,  greeting cards….more than I can list!

Right now, there is a resurgence of the traditional letterpress medium  -  YAY!!!

Equipment and tools that were recently considered obsolete have dodged scrappers and ended up in the hands of artists who have developed modern methods of utilizing the unique value of the letterpress medium.  One of the most exciting innovations in the medium is the use of photopolymer plates.

In this workshop we will go over the how-to’s on ordering photopolymer plates, and then demonstrate how to hand pull prints using these plates. We will cover the meat and potatoes of digitally processing and manipulating work from original illustrations, photos or graphic material (both digital or analog) to prep for plate production, then demonstrate, utilizing the ACW’s Kelsey Platen Presses, and proofing press, hands on printing from photopolymer plates.

Hosted by ACW and taught by Joe and Donna Carr, the people behind “Melancholy Press”, who utilize photopolymer plates to make limited edition multicolor letterpress prints.  This workshop follows the First Friday show from Melancholy Press, where there will be many examples of photopolymer letterpress work by artists from all over the world.

This is also the day after our big “The First Year” show.. with all sorts of awesomeness. so yeah we will prolly be all hung over but still partially coherent and informative. - to sign up follow this handy event link