Melancholy Press

Just your average Letterpress shop.

Our shop is temporarily taken down, as we are super busy with other projects right now - but stay tuned for more Melancholy in the not to distant future!

We are a tiny letterpress shop in the woods of Alaska. Although dedicated to classic processes, quality craftsmanship, and the best materials, we try not to take ourselves too seriously. The combination of light, fun, maybe a little sad, content with age old methods is what we try for at Melancholy Press.

About The Shop


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My name is Joe, aka Isaboa. I'm an artist and illustrator. I do all sorts of neat projects from apparel design to fine art. At Melancholy, i'm the in house drawer of silly shit - as well as curator of work from my artist pals.


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I’m Donna, I have spent my whole life learning new processes and making stuff - quilts, yummy treats, knitted goods, and now letterpress. Here at Melancholy, I'm the lucky devil that gets to run Chan, our 112 year old Chandler and Price Printing press.

Our goal with Melancholy press is to be less boutiquey stationary shop, and more indie limited art studio that strives to not take ourselves too seriously. We don't really have something specific to say, and we aren't font snobs. We just wanted to make quality crafted prints of fun, light hearted art by cool people. It's pretty simple.

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